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Out and About - DDTC Members Impacting our Community
Election Day November 3, 2020
Durham had a record turnout (just short of 90%).
Durham Democrats at John Michael Parker's Campaign Launch
February 7, 2020 @ Madison American Legion
JMP 2020 Launch_4.jpg
JMP 2020 Launch_2.jpg
JMP 2020 Launch_1.jpg
JMP 2020 Launch_3.jpg
Our Favorite Time of the Year - The Durham Fair!
September 26-29, 2019 @ The Legendary Jamaican Patties Booth
Fair 2019_2.jpg
Fair 2019_1.jpg
Fair 2019_4.jpg
Fair 2019_3.jpg
Fair 2019_6.jpg
Meet and Greet with US Rep. Rosa DeLauro
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