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Martin French - Tax Collector

Martin has been a presence in the Durham Town Hall for almost 2 decades. First appointed in 2004 to fill a vacancy, he has since been elected by the people of Durham five times. In that time, he demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to serving the citizens of Durham.

Martin became the first Durham tax collector to be a Certified Connecticut Municipal Collector; completing all required courses and passing the final exam before reaching the required years of service. Certified in 2008 and through continuing education on the local, state and regional levels, he has extended his certification through 2028.

Raised in Durham, Martin returned to Durham to raise his family. Committed to this community, he has been active in a wide variety of local endeavors, particularly town governance, attending many board and commission meetings as well as Town Meetings. He has served on committees such as Senior Tax Relief, Youth in Government, Charter Revision, and as a Moderator for several town meetings.

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