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2021 Board of Education Position Statement

Fiscal Control 

Through strong fiscal discipline, the current slate of board of education members have maintained a District Budget below 2015/16 levels.  They will continue to focus on the educational needs of our students while exploring ways to improve operational efficiencies.


Student Achievement 

Over the last six years under this Board, our student test scores and academic growth have steadily risen by innovative programs and rigorous evaluation of curricula, teaching, and coaching methods.  



Deeply committed to our learners well-being, current board members have created a well-being committee, fostered support programs, and adopted the District’s Equity Policy to guarantee inclusion and equality in program delivery to all students.



Over the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board has taken steps to ensure the safety and security of learners and staff through required conformance with all state and federal requirements regarding masks, vaccinations, and health practices.  The board also has hired a school resource officer to assist with general safety measures, bullying, and security.



Along with our new Superintendent, the Board has taken steps to enhance engagement with the community including monthly newsletters and other forms of public outreach.  The board is also engaged in reimagining our education system to strive to be the best it can be for our student and community and has actively involved students, teachers, parents, and town members to serve on several committees to broaden the diversity of thought.



The current slate of Board members are deeply engaged in the actions and work of the board and participate at all board meeting. Each member also serves on two or more committees of the Board meeting several times a month.

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