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Your 2021 Durham Candidates!

Board of Education (Position Statement)

Christine Geraci

  • Has served on the RSD13 Board of Education for 4 years including treasurer for the past 3 years

  • Has 16 years of financial and accounting experience, in the for-profit and non-profit sectors

  • Currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest non-profits in CT

  • Parent of twins enrolled in RSD13

  • Strong advocate for students with a focus on the special education community


Norm Hicks

  • Has served on the RSD13 Board of Education for 24 years 

  • Current Board Chairman at ACES (Area Cooperative Education Services),
    nine-year member of Board of Governors

  • Retired public school teacher with 38 years experience in East Hampton and Guilford

  • Current member of the executive committee at the Durham Fair Association, member of Durham Senior Board

  • Lifelong resident of Durham, graduated from Durham High School


Bob Moore

  • Has served on the RSD13 Board of Education for 6 years including chairman for the past 5 years

  • Greater than 40 years of management experience in public and private sector in the field of
    environmental engineering as well as agency management 

  • Has worked with RSD13 administration and community to maintain a school budget that maintains
    high quality education with a net decrease in school budget over the past 3 years

  • Long time resident of Durham with 3 children and 10 grandchildren that have attended RSD13
    schools: 6 Grandchildren are currently attending schools in district

  • Has maintained outstanding advocacy for RSD13 staff & students throughout a series of challenges to education


Andrew Taylor

  • Parent of 4 kids in the district

  • Has served on the RSD13 Board of Education for 5 years

  • Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Biostatistics at Yale University

  • Strong advocate for personalized learning and creating a culture of
    high academic achievement while minimizing costs

  • Experience in grant-writing, managing large teams, data science, and cost-effectiveness assessments.


Planning and Zoning Board

Janet Morganti

  • Janet and her husband, Chris, have been residents of Durham for 37 years with 2
    sons that have gone through RSD13

  • Holds a BS in Criminal Justice from The University of New Haven and is a graduate of Stone Academy

  • Former business owner of a luncheonette in Wallingford and artisans’ consignment shop in Durham

  • Employed as an accounting/administrative assistant for Joseph A. Miranda CPA, LLC

  • Served as a member of the Durham Economic Development Commission
    for over 6 years including 4 years as chair.

  • Will carefully evaluate all the facts, concerns and opinions when making important
    decisions that impact our town’s residents.

Jacob Mattison

  • 12 year resident of Durham

  • Co-owner of Small Woods Farm in Durham, featuring registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats

  • Senior Engineering Manager at Technolutions, a New Haven-based software company

  • 20 year career in software engineering and process automation

  • Two sons, one in RD13, on graduated from RSD13

Christopher Balay

  • Chris and Suzy Balay have been residents of Durham for 20 years. They have put 2 daughters through RSD13

  • Holds a BA from Southern Connecticut State University

  • Has been the Director of I.T. for PEZ Candy Inc. in Orange CT for 22 years.

  • Has served as a member of the Planning and Zoning Board for three years

  • Is a founding member and current treasurer of Paperhouse Productions a local children’s theatre company.

  • Is currently the treasurer of the Durham Fair Foundation and assistant treasurer of the Durham Fair Association.

  • A strong advocate for agriculture in the Town of Durham. Currently has alpacas, chickens and guinea fowl.

  • First contact with the P & Z regulation in Durham was to check on the rules surrounding the keeping of animals
     on residential property. What he found was a primary reason he moved to Durham.

Josh Eddinger

  • 4-year member of the Durham Planning and Zoning Commission, last 2 years as Commission Secretary

  • Small Agricultural Business Owner

  • 20+ years of Planning and Zoning experience as a small business applicant and land developer

  • Advanced Training in Physics and Engineering


Board of Finance

Eileen Buckheit

  • Served on the RSD 13 Board of Education for one term 2012-2015

  • Board of Directors for Connecticut Valley Education Fund 2015-2018

  • Durham Women's Club - 2002-2019.  President for 4 years

  • Currently on the Infrastructure Committee

  • Worked in various CT municipalities focusing on economic development for 24 years


Molly Nolan

  • A thirty year resident of Durham

  • An active member of the Durham Democratic Women’s Club and the Durham Democratic Town Committee

  • Spent many years in food service industry running gourmet shops and catering concerns.

  • For the last 12 years she has served as the Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, Mattatuck UU Society and now at First Parish in Milton, MA. 

  • Joined the Board of Finance in 2012 with the commitment to balance our needs and values while keeping the mil rate as low as possible.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Maya Liss

  • Current Alternate on Zoning Board of Appeals 

  • Durham resident for 19 years  

  • Community volunteer, including, JLPA, Durham Public Library Board of Trustees, Odyssey of the Mind 

  • Former attorney, interest in land use  

  • Yoga instructor, enthusiastic about helping people develop practices to reduce stress and cultivate connection

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